Dr. Ursula Franke-Bryson

PhD. in Systemic Constellations. In practice since 1990. Author of In My Mind‘s Eye which is used by practitioners worldwide, and The River Never Looks Back - a seminal book which places Systemic Constellations in the context of psychotherapeutic practice.

Co-founder and international editor of the magazine Conexão Sistêmica Sul.

Dr. Franke-Bryson brings a broad range of therapeutic experience to her training, facilitation and individual practice. She is teaching and training worldwide and has her private praxis in Munich.

   Thomas Bryson

In addition to his expertise in systemic constellations, Bryson offers grounded compassion, insight, skill and personal power gained from experience in three primary areas:

• working with death and dying as a hospice nurse,
• steeping in the Zen tradition and,
• using Emotional Aikido in difficult emotional situations.

Author of Encounters with Death and Trauma, Trance and Transformation: The Power of Presence in Practice. Co-founder of and contributor to the Brazilian magazine Conexão Sistêmica Sul.