Our practice of psychotherapy (UF) and counselling is based on an integrative approach.

We focus on the client and the wholeness that wants to express itself in him and in his search.

Our direction is: systemic thinking and acting; presence and autonomy; the own inner path and the inner truth.

We work from the assumption that restricting symptoms can be understood in a larger meaningful context. But we also see how difficult it is for an individual to deal with systemic contents with the resources available.

Through systemic thinking and systemic therapy, we widen the understanding for more complex connections. By doing so, we open new possibilities, gain new resources and support the primary movements in life.

Our work is based on our own personal experiences and the innate strength and wisdom of our clients, to weave a stronger net than one alone is able to create. Through process and dialogue the lived experiences are being embedded in new meaning and thus becomes the foundation for being here now and for a sustainable vision for the future.